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Friday, 14 August 2015

LotR terrain

Ive been thinking and asking myself some questions...
Do i have  the capacity to host a bigger game?, are my boards big enough?, is my drop cloth long enough?, do i have enough terrain pieces to fill up the board?, am i overfilling it? Omg, how much river does a guy need?
So... after over an hour of tidying up my "work station" and ten minutes of throwing some terrain down i discovered something amazing about myself... when i apply myself, i over achieve!

This is not all my terrain, just the stuff i put down, which i think is perhaps more than enough, but im all about how "realistic" i can get in my setups.
So with a larger kings of war (Lord of the Rings) gondor battle coming up, i know wel be well sorted and will be playing on a 12 foot x 4 foot table like this one.
Im really looking forward to rolling some dice on this and watching mordor and gondor slog it out, fun times ahead.
Im also planning on doing a similar game in November but slightly themed differently for a war in the North, elves included :)

Theres still a little bit of work to do beforehand, quite a few of the pieces arent flocked yet and the ruins gable end pieces need painting up to match the others, might get that all done over the next two weekends.

If u like LotR and u live in NewZealand or more specifically Christchurch and youd be keen on joining a game sometime, let me know.
Cheers, Andy

Monday, 10 August 2015

To infinity and beyond!

Heres the table overall pic that Jamie and I fought on on Saturday night. Wasnt much of a competitive  game sorry jamie but u wait mate, soon il be bringing my A game!
Also, i started painting the Ariadna moderns proxies, so heres some more pics on my crappy tablet cam 😀

I made a dang good job of that medic i thought, face and badges, all good detailling... boooo samsung tab3! Lol

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Wats on the paint table

Currently i have a few projects on the go, but two main ones... my LotR collection is getting a vamp and i bought a Black Templars 40k army off an employee a while back. Heres a few shots of Glofindel, Gimli, king of the dead (converted), some warg riders (new sculpts are awesome), plus a bunch of imperial rogue traders and Black Templar crusading force.
Sorry my tablet camera isnt so flash, i apologise.