Monday, 23 September 2013


Waaaagh!! Well I mentioned that I got some Orks in my last post, then I got really busy kitbashing, converting and painting. Here is the first mob all finished! Wow... even I can't believe I finished something!
Thanks to all the Orky People out there who posted stuff and gave me ideas... still got another mob to make so concepts are welcome.
This was so fun as a project and I'm totally into the concept of it all.
The Trukk with Skorcha


Orkboy with Kannon





Ork Boy with slugga and Kannon

The Big bad Nob



with dead digga/mutie on back
Whole mob mounted up
This is a 150 point start up mob (but I can take it down to 100 if I want)
Next up is the other mob of 150 points and then a Ork outpost/mine/mekshop/fort... perfect for my desert terrain.
I'm loving the resurgence of 40k stuff out there, but especially that most of what I've seen isn't actually for 40K (the game)... hmmm perhaps because these can be picked up in trades at bargain prices like $20 plus a few skiffed bits from friends bitz boxes.... Come on everybody share the love... you know you are never going to use the bits anyhow!!!
Go the skirmish games... bring back the fun!


  1. Cool orks. I've played some gorkamorka and necromunda, love them even though i'm not a fan of the main rules.

  2. Thanks Maxamillian

    The core rules as a system isn't too bad if you use house rules, also I don't intend to play the campaign style games, just bigger start up mobs so that will negate models and mobs getting too powerful for the game. The plus side is the rules for vehicles and boys on foot that seem to work well together.

    That said and the Christchurch crew here are into all sorts of systems anyway and I'm open to something that works well for vehicles and foot.
    John is looking at Bolt Action 40k, we've tried Tomorrows War, Skirmish Sangin and Infinity, so even though we have 40k figures, we aren't tied to playing any system in particular.

    I would be interested to know what in the main rules or the system itself you weren't a fan of so I can have a look at some changes or if people use houserules.

    So hard to find the perfect games system! I appreciate the feedback

  3. Awesome stuff! I especially like the flattened gobbo. I've got to say it baffles me that I've never thought of setting up a bike with a platform on the front. Never crossed my mind for some reason.

    There is one thing worth mentioning though - teef and points aren't the same. Gorkamorka isn't balanced for one off games and so the two aren't analogous. If you're interested I wrote a short piece on it a while back. You mentioned that you're not playing campaign games so I'd imagine this difference may cause you some grief.

    To give a quick overview there's the extreme example of the Rebel Grot splattapult. It's a powerful weapon with multiple ammo types but only costs 8 teef. Most of the time Rebel Grots can't count on earning more than a toof or two per game and so pricing it at (say) 15 teef would put it out of reach for most of a campaign. Their basic vehicles are only 5 teef each and they can get snots for a single toof per head.

    Mob rating is the closest you'll come to creating equivalency and even then it's not perfect.

  4. Thanks for the help Flamekebab, I see you have played plenty and I'll have plenty of homework to do on it!
    I'll try and keep the mobs even on their rating and points, though I want to have a couple of extra vehicles.
    Forgive me if I end up firing a heap of questions your way ;)

  5. You're more than welcome to pick my brain about anything you need, Andy! I can be reached via email:

    Sadly I know far more about Gorkamorka than any sane individual should as you've probably noticed. Sorry if it makes me sound like a pedantic nerd, I know it can come off that way.

  6. Awesome project, Andy. I really like that truck and the bike with the big loot tray (presumably?) on the front.

  7. Thanks Jamie!
    Passenger deck/scrap or loot tray... when all the mob is mounted, the Nob leads from the front

  8. Dude - Awesome. Gorkamorka is totally on my list :)

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