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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Ork Deffcopta Airbase

This is a project ive been building for jas, its 3 bases put together with a hanger piece on top to make a huge fort.
The idea was for deffcoptas to refuel and rearm on top of a huge ork fort.
Still plenty of stuff to do (detailing) but u can see how its coming together and how i made it from the earlier shots.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Durins Guard vs Mirkwood Orcs Lotr/Hobbit SBG

James took the plunge and came over from across the city to battle me in a game of The Hobbit sbg.
He brought along a Dwarven army... Durins Guard, packed full of elite dwarves. Iron Guards, Khazad Guards, Ballistae, heartguard, Vault wardens, kings champion... pretty much the whole 9 yards.
We drew them out of their mountain hold to fight in the open, the woodsmen ruins south of the Gladden River, hoping for some sort of advantage.
My Misty Mountain orcs were on the prowl for new territory and their warlord commander was under pressure to get the job done or feel the wrath of the dark lord. Lead by Marzuk (bolg) with hunter Orcs and a morannon/orc shield/spear line and the mighty war troll Glub, we out numbered the dwarves almost 2-1.
We scouted out the dwarves and drew up for battle.
Marzuk lead the charge and saw an opportunity to swipe Durins crown, Durin wounded twice but after a few turns of battle Marzuk found himself surrounded and the dwarves took him down... the battle lines had crashed together and Dwarves inflicted heavy casualties on the poorer quality Orc troops... Glub smited the kings champion and raged on into the ranks but it was too little too late and so it ended, black orc blood stained the fields and the tide turned... Durins line lives on.

Thanks James, fun game, nice to be learning more rules and stats :) You figures are looking really good, cant wait to see the champion painted up.

Sorry i got into the game and forgot to take photos during the battle :(

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Osgiliath Command LotR

So far so good, i enjoy painting heroes even though im not a fantastic painter... hopefully il be taking these and the rest of the osgiliath Army to NatCon for the Hobbit sbg comp. Im really stoked with how my Marshall of the Tower of Stars turned out (erkenbrand stats, Imrahil model). Ul notice im not going all out on the white... especially on the tree emblems on the shields, in the movies they just dont have the contrast GW did... so im going more for a grimy battle hardened look. Only converting i did on the heroes was the horn on Imrahil and chain mail under Boromirs Robe.
One more hero to go and finish the black banner and onto all the troops... lots of vets and rangers, all on foot (to keep in theme with defending the city)
I threw in a pic of Aragorn/Thorongil while in service with Gondor, its the helms deep model but it fits the theme nicely. Eventually il have a small WotR force of gondor (i have the models) but theres a long road ahead of painting work.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Israeli Defence Force

Ive always liked the idf... and i like the M-60a3 with era... a Magach6. Heres my army and some shots of the real thing. This is a "team yankee" 100 pt list;

M60a3 has armour of 16, 8, 2 and ERA.
Same gun as abrams with stabiliser, laser sight and can fire indirect range 80" AT3 FP5+
And is slow.. same speed as a M109
Basically a "glass cannon" as pooch puts it. I run it as a 4+ to hit blue team army tank and is 5points each.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Team yankee and wip stuff

Some t72s i quickly based for a winter game with jas.. plus some shots of the game and table birds eye view... osgiliath ruins/frostgrave tower finished... more stuff on the go