Thursday, 24 December 2015

Converting Osgiliath Veterans

Firstly.. merry christmas!
Ive been converting up some Osgiliath veterans for a Hobbit sbg force over the week. I took a trip to my local hobby store but was disappointed to find they didnt really have what I wanted, more green-stuff for converting and a couple of common paint colours (they no longer stock vallejo either so i had to get something from a limited selection of GW paints :/ in future il go to the model store). I did however come away with a new box of eagles which im looking forward to adding to my Elven army (plus beorn, gandalf and rangers of the north etc).

The Imrahil model ive converted to hold a horn as i intend to field him as Erkenbrand (well... gondors equivalent) so even though my paint scheme may include some  blue and gold with the usual silver/black gondor scheme, il try to shy away from the blue and maybe use white so to differentiate him from the normal Dol Amroth scheme.
The heroes I am just going to work with the models I have. Boromir, Faramir, a converted Knight of the white tower, Damrod, Imrahil/erkenbrand and Duinhir (an old ranger of the north model)

As far as the converting went, i became rather limited after running out of green stuff, so theres the usual chop and glue for some pose variety but also a lot of hacking for battle damage and clothing wear and tear, plus I had some gripping beast bits (heads and war gear) that ive added. Converting stuff iv done before but sculpting is very new and im keen to keep upskilling in it.

I got a little inspired by the Gondor army in the Hobbit sbg rulebook, its very well painted and has a little character to the scheme, also from this painter from the painted models photo, i love the basing and very much fits my theme, id do something similar with mine except perhaps a little more stoney.

Still dunno what im going to take to Natcon, either Osgiliath, Mountains of Mirkwood Orcs or some Northern elven force with eagles
Happy hobbying


  1. Merry Christmas Andy. I am envious of those Eagles, very cool models.

    I get my Vellejo paints from Acorn models. They seem to have a big range including a stand of model colour and another of game colour (or whatever they call it, the Gw style colours)

    1. Thx mate, Merry xmas,
      Yeah i know, il go there next time as they have a big selection, the vallejo fantasy series are pretty good i already have a few, i hate the gw pop tops as they dont stay open and if u bend them too far the lids break... its still gd paint though and their washes are still some of the best out there :) im looking forward to painting these up as an sbg force then adding the archers and running a unit of veterans in WotR... more painted stuff for the gondor vs mordor big games, il also make some more Osgiliath terrain so we can theme the battles

  2. These look great man! Nice sculpting work too :)