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Friday, 25 September 2015

Infinity Tohaa

Well the Tohaa finally arrived and i got cracking, first unit painted is the Ectros, although im not sure if il use it much, good excuse to crack on with it and paint the playable figures.
I bought 16 figures, a starter box(6), a makaul box (4), hatail spec ops, kotail w/ spitfire, nikoul Ambush sniper, Neema, Gao rael w/spitfire, clipsos with sniper.... its a fairly good mix and a few of the models il use as different units but with the same weapons.
Jason and I also had a game last night on my newly put together armoury, i faired so bad that il leave it for him to boast about! Best part about the game for me was his wicked water city terrain that hes building. (huge cannon to leaders face equals game over on turn1)
The Armoury was quick and simple to make, just black foamcore board, white card and a few printed doors and such.
Basing up the tohaa was fun, i tryed my best to get a great detailed basing mix... of permafiller, pva glue and sand... for the first time ever i used greenstuff on my bases (rather than just the figures) and carefully applied my mixture with a scuplting tool... much fancier than my usual slap on pva and drown the figure in a box of sand. Since theres only a dozenish figures, im attempting to make them look sharper than my other horde armies.
Im really enjoying infinity, great game, gorgeous scuplts/figures and a good bunch of local guys who play it :)

Ectros "yo borisss, what did you say about my mamaaa..."  pew pew  boris writhes in pain as the virus quickly takes over his body..

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

War of the Ring, Gondor verses Mordor big battle

Sorry i didnt take any shots of the overall battle.
The forces of the Easterlings came marching and joined ranks of Orcs at the black gate in an open Attack on Ithilien... lucky the brave soldiers of Gondor had spyed their massed troops and brought up a counter offensive from Osgiliath lead by Boromir himself, rallying the local men from the villages of the Anduin they put together quite a force... would Gondor repel Saurons heavy blow?
In short, yes... Jamie wrecked kieran and I on one flank and then went on a rampage with cavalry!
We played on the 12ft by 4ft board I posted a while back, deployed opposite with my weakened Orc horde marching from one side.
It was great fun and Kierans easterling army is gorgeous, he was threatening to bring his mumak but wel save that for the next battle!
Martin lent us his Minas Tirith Army but unfortunately had to pull out on the day, Jamie did well to keep the game moving along by himself.
Thx a heap lads and wel get another one in maybe late Nov early dec perhaps.

Friday, 11 September 2015

New wargaming cupboard

Yay, i scored a free cupboard today.. it has a big chip in the side but hey... its in the garage so who cares!
So here it is with a few of my armies displayed inside, theres pictures shelf by shelf. I know theres much better cabinets out there... you fancy pants guys with your glass doors and nice joinery, but im excited so im postng anyway!
First shelf is Lord of the Rings/hobbit Orc hordes
Second shelf is more Orc hordes, Infinity Ariadna (using modern figures as proxies), a unit or two of Gondor LotR
Third shelf is my Crusade Army
Fourth shelf is my Romans, Eastern Allies, Palmyra Army
Bottom shelf is my meehh... 40k black templars Space Marines and an allied Imperial Rogue trader crew
Fun times, it even has a slider door so i can keep the kids out :)