Saturday, 21 November 2015

Skirmish terrain (saga, lotr, frostgrave)

Just finished some winter terrain, the board is the other side of my xwing 3ft x 3ft deep space... so a gd use of a board. I made it purely with 6 or 7 spraypaints, a couple of light browns, light blue, dark brown patches and 2 whites.
The mausoleum i built mainly for frostgrave but it should still all work well as dale or someother winter city ruins. I have 4 or 5 extra clumps of trees, theyre just woodland scenic sprues on mdf coasters... built them for a ww2 event Craig was running a few years ago. This set reminds me of the desolation of smaug extended scenes a little, shame GW wont produce more figures/sculpts for it now. SBG is on the way out but hopefully the wargames community will rally  and keep playing, its a good skirmish system afterall.
Sorry jas, i put your Ork deffcopter base on hold for a week or so ;) need some 40k gaming inspiration!

I must say im so pleased with the 3 hirst arts molds i got, the fieldstone ruins and blocks and another one with extra bits and blocks has made a huge amount of terrain and it looks great on the table, so go check out hirst arts and see the molds they make if you like building terrain, i noticed hes made a new set for 28mm sandbagging, great stuff.

Also a while back i made a set of dungeon, cavern pieces after getting inspired by a phone game called pixel dungeon, these will work perfectly for frostgrave underground passages. Now i may hav an excuse to use them. Adam gave me a big hand one night, so thanks for that bro.

Still have a bit of infinity terrain to build and an ork fort, but for now il keep focussing on figure painting.... more progress to come...
Thx, Andy


  1. fantastic work! Probably going to need to borrow from these ideas...

  2. They've come up really good. I'm looking forward to treasure hunting.

  3. Thanks guys,
    go ahead el zorro, thats what blogging is all about. I troll the interwebs for ideas all the time... the more we inspire each other, the better the hobby :)

  4. Wow that looks awesome! Might have to look up this Frostgrave business... I have a few WHFB Dark Elves lying around would they be suitable?

    1. Totally ben, as you can see from my next post :) it doesnt even matter what size and shape the bases are, so 20mm squares will be fine.