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Monday, 11 August 2014

New post, check it!! LOTR, 28mm Pacific ww2

The Hobbit, Gandalf verses Sauron (veiled)
I really enjoyed this movie, always been a fan of the books and now having these nice Games Workshop figures and Dol Guldur army, it has reinspired me to keep painting and building my Orc horde.

Hard to do Sauron justice but heres my take on it.
Gandalf verses the one whom he is destined to see defeated... but not this time.

Peter Jacksons sneek peek of the Dol Guldur orcs marching out to battle. I have a few hundred orc figures, cant wait to rebase them sometime (after i finish other stuff). but u can see them in a previous post.

My Fallout campaign figures all painted up, including some large nuka rats to  keep an eye out for.

NEXT UP IS WW2... Marines verses japs, more of my terrain, Im Japanese, Adams Marines (of course!)

HMG bunker

We played Force on Force, table overview, Adam attacked from the right

I dont recall a lot about the game but we did blow this thing to bits!!

Japanese lurk in the Island undergrowth... BAAANZZAAAAIIIII!!!!!
pretty sure it ended historically accurate!
Good fun, thanks Adam

Also, big thanks to Jamie for suggesting to fix the stupid upload problem just switch browsers!! man computers are annoying, who would've known that would fix it! Thumbs down for blogger, thumbs up for wargaming hobby.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Dang Computers

Sorry guys, cant post pics... for some reason it keeps failing to upload... it looks like its loading but it doesn't.
Any help appreciated.
I have taken some great shots of some WIP of Fallout stuff and a WW2 FoF Pacific game verses Adam but its freezing after I try to select and then add.

Hopefully get another post up when I can.
Apologies (but not really)