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Monday, 23 December 2013

FALLOUT test figure NCR ranger


here he is fresh off the paint table still drying, this is the inside of the hydroponics plant which I forgot to show last post.


Front view

back view

head on
Well its not quite what I thought they were but they work ok I guess... happy with the clothing and helmet and head, not so sure on the weapon although its almost anything goes.
I have 10 figures made, based and black... and this will be my sort of colour scheme/palette so far.
Honest criticism welcome. :)

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


hydro-shed and shacks

overview of smashed overpass only 1 coat of paint at this stage

scaffold undercoated and some buildings begun

corner section

another view
still more work to do, but making good progress.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fallout... its coming

Fallout New Vegas Video Game... Post Apocalyptics
We jump through projects fairly fast, but this is a teaser of my latest project inspiration... all thanks to Krugers kreations aka Jas and
here's the work in progress below

My 6x4 desert battleboard, I use this terrain style for many of my systems;
6mm Moderns IDF and Iraq/Syria
28mm Moderns Afghan, Middle East
28mm Ancients Palmyra, Romans (East), Greeks/Macedon
28mm Crusaders
15mm FOW Afrika, 6 Day War etc.
Gorkamorka/Ash Wastes
and now Fallout
Plan for Fallout is to build a smashed up overpass/highway with shantyville underneath, maybe the odd vault entrance

some cars from toyworld; 1950s, the one on the left is my new favourite car...
The Tucker Torpedo!!!! (and a Chevy)... still plenty to do!
Zombies on Friday... woop woop!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Flames of War Day of Days and Polish AK

First post of my large (ish) Flames of War collection. This is a small portion of my German Army and also a WIP on my Polish AK which I haven't touched for at least a year. I have lots of other stuff but too much for one post!
To be honest, when V3 came along finally, I got I bit jaded and perhaps lost some interest in playing the system... but I'm back!
With Day of Days doubles tournament looming and thousands of dollars of figures just sitting there, there was always an intention to be back playing flames again at some point.

We (Jason and I were pencilled in to play together this year) are going to field the 21st Panzer in some form, so of course neither of us have any of the funnies yet but Jas really wants a 21st Army for late War anyway so this time I'll be using someone else's troops... at least we have plenty of time to paint them.

 (And in doing so I can lend these if anyone out there would like to play but have Russians or whatever, I have other stuff that isn't pictured here)

POLISH AK (Home Army- Warsaw uprising- Battalion Zoska part of group Radoslaw)

These guys are a work in progress like I mentioned earlier. Of all the partisan fighters of ww2 I love these guys the most, all they ever wanted was their own country, language, culture and religious freedom... and they had to endure some of the most horrible things/crimes committed by the Nazis... in the end the uprising failed and the oppression continued long after the German presence by way of the Russian occupation and inclusion into communist USSR. I would like to say that I am glad that today they have their own nation to call their own. This force represents and honours those who stood for what was right and sacrificed so much, for Poland.

HQ with Kedyw platoons, the objective slips are hand painted, the left one is the Jewish resistance flag/badge (common jewish symbol that evolved into the Israeli flag) and the other on the right is the handsewn embroidered badge of their Battalion

The Armour- captured Panthers (Magda and Pudel). These blew apart the guard towers of the Jewish labour camp and freed the Jewish prisoners, many of them joined the unit to fight the Germans.
Next is all the stuff I have started but haven't finished in order of what I have done the most work on
LOTS AND LOTS of infantry and guns, in fact, I have enough to build about 3500points, much of it is not even based up yet
Objectives and Hetzer(not Zoska but another Baon)







 box of based up but not painted (you get the idea, its going to be a long project!) I'll take my time and do spurts as I get inspiration, I've been told I am NOT allowed to sell these!
Thanks for looking,
constructive feedback welcome

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Ork Fort finished... Gorkamorka

So the most fun project I've been doing for ages has continued despite the lack of interest (seemingly) in this great game! Building Orky stuff is actually therapeutic I'm sure.
Here is the Ork Fort mostly finished, I was yarning to Jas (Krugers Kreations) about how to best do all the rivets, in the end I thought to myself "yawn... who could be bothered!" and carried on and painted it without any at all. Its Orky enough for now but maybe one day I'll get inspired to cut a few hundred rivets from plastic dowels and glue them on with tweezers but its not looking likely!
Mob two is still being created and looking pretty good. I have had inspiration via the web to build some boats, floating forts, jetskis, islands and barges... again free download on the rules so everyone wins! Thanks guys! Also big thanks to Kenric for gifting me with so many Ork (and otherwise) bits... hope you get some good painting/gaming time in in Japan mate.
Frontal shot, I chose not to have a gate on this one and I was going to build an extra story/watchtower section but in the end left both out, I need me some magnets to make the extras work and will probably build them separate as add-on pieces

Mek shop


side wall

rear wall
So there it is, hope you enjoy and get inspired to make more stuff from spare bits

Monday, 23 September 2013


Waaaagh!! Well I mentioned that I got some Orks in my last post, then I got really busy kitbashing, converting and painting. Here is the first mob all finished! Wow... even I can't believe I finished something!
Thanks to all the Orky People out there who posted stuff and gave me ideas... still got another mob to make so concepts are welcome.
This was so fun as a project and I'm totally into the concept of it all.
The Trukk with Skorcha


Orkboy with Kannon





Ork Boy with slugga and Kannon

The Big bad Nob



with dead digga/mutie on back
Whole mob mounted up
This is a 150 point start up mob (but I can take it down to 100 if I want)
Next up is the other mob of 150 points and then a Ork outpost/mine/mekshop/fort... perfect for my desert terrain.
I'm loving the resurgence of 40k stuff out there, but especially that most of what I've seen isn't actually for 40K (the game)... hmmm perhaps because these can be picked up in trades at bargain prices like $20 plus a few skiffed bits from friends bitz boxes.... Come on everybody share the love... you know you are never going to use the bits anyhow!!!
Go the skirmish games... bring back the fun!