Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fallout... its coming

Fallout New Vegas Video Game... Post Apocalyptics
We jump through projects fairly fast, but this is a teaser of my latest project inspiration... all thanks to Krugers kreations aka Jas and
here's the work in progress below

My 6x4 desert battleboard, I use this terrain style for many of my systems;
6mm Moderns IDF and Iraq/Syria
28mm Moderns Afghan, Middle East
28mm Ancients Palmyra, Romans (East), Greeks/Macedon
28mm Crusaders
15mm FOW Afrika, 6 Day War etc.
Gorkamorka/Ash Wastes
and now Fallout
Plan for Fallout is to build a smashed up overpass/highway with shantyville underneath, maybe the odd vault entrance

some cars from toyworld; 1950s, the one on the left is my new favourite car...
The Tucker Torpedo!!!! (and a Chevy)... still plenty to do!
Zombies on Friday... woop woop!


  1. Too frickin cool! I'm in on this for sure.
    Hope Zeds went well. I'm road trippin!

  2. That hydroponics building is incredible.

  3. Thanks guys, alas, no zeds, but Jas and I had a lengthy discussion about all things Fallout. He put me on to Arefu, which is what I'll theme my figures and terrain for.
    This project is going to be a heap of fun, working out campaign rules, building blown up stuff, painting a few nice models instead of a whole army (yawn!). gd times

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