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Friday, 24 January 2014

Dang Computers

Sorry guys, cant post pics... for some reason it keeps failing to upload... it looks like its loading but it doesn't.
Any help appreciated.
I have taken some great shots of some WIP of Fallout stuff and a WW2 FoF Pacific game verses Adam but its freezing after I try to select and then add.

Hopefully get another post up when I can.
Apologies (but not really)


  1. Is it blogger itself that is failing to add pics to posts? I went through a period where it did that to me. It may be something due to your browser settings? I know that in the end it was easier to switch to HTML editing to add,the pics and use those direct html (ie href etc) they give you as a 'share' option on whatever site is hosting your photos. I did that for a while, then it started working again.

  2. Yep... I think its blogger, itl try bypass it like you have if I can figure it out.
    thanks Jamie

  3. I think that gmail itself was having problems yesterday. Try again tomorrow.
    Fun game mate!
    I'll get a post up as well with the Yank perspective. B-)

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