Monday, 27 July 2015

Getting back into it, lord of the Rings and the Hobbit

My entire war of the ring collection currently painted... Dol Gûldûr and Rivendell.
but iv also been working on some rangers and Gondor units. Trying to get a big game going in the spring, wel see if it pans out like i imagine :/
Sometime soon il post my large 12ft terrain board, i want to see how it all actually looks as i havnt used the clothe or combined my different terrain sets yet.
Keep in touch and im going to make an effort to blog a bit more often,


  1. Hi Andy, good to see you are back on the blogging again. Am looking forward to your big lotr game. Will have to dig my Gondor guys out and have a look at their condition at some stage!

  2. Looks very good, nice terrain pieces and painting.

  3. Thx jamie, do that... might need more gondor troops, im using blogger on my tablet, seems to work well except the pic quality isnt awesome.
    Thx scott, i do enjoy seeing your work as well... gotta keep the rings hobby alive.... its been slow progress but any progress is good progress atm. Im perhaps better at terrain than i am my miniatures unfortunately.
    if youre ever down this way let us know :)