Sunday, 21 February 2016

More osgiliath terrain

I made a 2x 2x4 board a couple of weekends ago and got this ruins finished today, probably wouldnt take it to NatCon or anything but its good enough for my place or down at the club. :)
Some of the ideas i shamelessly stole off steven at top table terrain, like the stairs and burnt beams, but its certainly not a copyed piece itself... check his cool stuff out on youtube.
I wanted huge amounts of room beneath to fit trolls etc... but access to the top is limited to foot models although its possible people may try to run a 40mm base up along the stone bannisters... not entirely clear on rules there.
I need to press on painting my veterans and make a couple more corner ruins sections and a ruined bridge piece to add alongside the other ruined tower.
Cheers, happy gaming

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  1. Just a correction;
    Its top table wargaming, steves got a fb page and has a great youtube channel