Thursday, 25 June 2020

Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, Army Showcase

First up is a recent battle I had with my son Noah, we themed it for the Battle of Dagorlad, it was 700points each side and Sauron won the day by screening out Gilgalad and chill soulling him to death and then beating Elendil in submission later on. Evil won as we made the scenario a custom one where it was purely hero killing.

I recently painted up my Lothlorien army, cant wait to use these beautiful elves again. I think of all the plastics I love the Galadhrim boxes the most. There is a bunch of old metals mixed in and this is about half the Lothlorien I have so one day il have to do another batch

Another Army I finished earlier in the year was this Gondor/Grey Havens/Rivendell army themed for the battle of Fornost vs the Witch King. I use Faramirs profile for King Earnur and the Rabgers of the North models I run as Citadel Guard... which to me makes more sense than them all being cheap heroes.

This is my Woodsmen Army, i run them as Laketown Militia and will normally add Tauriel, Beorn and Radagast but Ive had to sideline them because the new rules dont allow them to ally anymore. (Unless I break my theme and add Gandalf)

Over the summer I completed Noahs Army of the Dead force as he had snuck away with best sports at a tournament last year in which he won the 3 hunters box set, i had a spare King of the dead and extra AotD so we kitbashed up some cavalry and a banner so here they are. Hes quite happy they are a very tough force to fight against.

Over the summer a friend had me make him a Mirkwood/Barrels out of Bond display board, was fun to build, the water is mainly MSpolymer

A Rohan fort Noah and I made on one Saturday afternoon. Here I was playing against my friend Matt and my Isengard Bomb team blew up in Aragorn and Gimlis face as they were defending the gate... those bombs are super nasty in the Helms Deep legendary Legion!

Thats all for now, catch u next post!


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