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Monday, 23 December 2013

FALLOUT test figure NCR ranger


here he is fresh off the paint table still drying, this is the inside of the hydroponics plant which I forgot to show last post.


Front view

back view

head on
Well its not quite what I thought they were but they work ok I guess... happy with the clothing and helmet and head, not so sure on the weapon although its almost anything goes.
I have 10 figures made, based and black... and this will be my sort of colour scheme/palette so far.
Honest criticism welcome. :)


  1. As usual looks the goods, NCR for the win! (Unless your playing my BOS that is...)

    Weapon is ok as some sort of automatic rifle. NCR rock a lot of 5.56mm assualt rifles so it's fine.

    Interior detail is awesome mate!

  2. Andy that mini and interior look great! What a great sculpt!
    Nice find on the white ware! :-)