Wednesday, 29 May 2013

ACW or French Zouaves

Here's some shots of the painting workbench from earlier in the week, I've now base-coated the colours on my first 8 stands, interestingly, this is my first post of my huge historical collection, which will hopefully get blogged eventually.
These were bought in regards to the Gettysburg Re-fight later in the year and am pleased to show at least a little progress :) I have the officer, command stand and 2 guns painted, with 14 or so more stands of infantry to paint but I have plenty of figures if I need more.
Roll em up lads

officer (I have a French one also now, ta Kent)

My Commander leading the charge
The rank and file boys undercoated and now basecoated, highlights to come, I have heaps of these figures in case I want to take them afield to the Crimea, Algeria or wherever. I'll have to different command stands and paint them as the 5th New York, about as generic as it gets.

Persian Cav (Wargames Factory Plastics)
A sneek peek into my ancients, these will go with my Parthians, Later Seleucids and perhaps Palmyra. I've made progress here since the photo as well so if I get time in the week-end hopefully I can finish them all off.
That's all for now, I need to get a better camera I think, its hard to pick out the detail ;)


  1. The Union boys are looking great Andy! Very nice work.

  2. Looking great Andy!

    Never been an ACW fan (don't shoot me) but these look cool.

    Will have to check out the game

  3. Thanks Rodger

    Thanks Jas, neither am I to be honest... or Napoleonic's! But the Zouaves can be used in so many major battles of that era and also as Colonial skirmishes and the figures look cool, they are Perry Plastics and well designed, I'll post progress later on when I get the unit completed. I'm enjoying the painting challenge.

  4. Looking good mate. 5th New York was a great outfit by all accounts and the scheme I'm copying as well.

    Jas, and you not ACW fans! Lol, not shocked, but if you do start looking into it you will find a ton of compelling stories I assure you. Very tragic and very interesting as well.
    Another example of technology appearing that tactics hadn't adjusted to yet. Civil wars are often one step beyond the pale in brutality as well.