Friday, 10 May 2013

WAR OF THE RING - Elves of the North (Rivendell)

I just got these last week and repainted them in a few days, I went hard! I swapped them for Flames of war Russians with Jas ages ago, but he kindly traded me back his spares for other stuff, I should easily be able to add some cavalry or scouts eventually to boost the numbers, but this is a good number of Elves for 750 points (great for multiplayer games) and I have plenty of Heroes, Jamie did an awesome job of re-working the elven list for The War of The North, our take on the Hobbit era battles/skirmishes. You can also find that on Rough War (of the Ring). They are easier to take and enjoyable to play now (best troops out as they should have been all along.).
Got to finish Gandalf's base off sometime...

You are so bad Elrond

5x Bow
4 x Glaives

Ents and Beorn


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Andy.

    Good to see you have your Elves back. You need a 'follow' button for your blog :)

  2. great stuff - ditto regarding follower button

  3. Welcome to the Blogging world Andy! Very nice painting Sir! and yes, get the "Follow" gadgit.