Thursday, 20 June 2013

Impetus Cataphracts

I've been waiting for these to arrive for a while now after Wayland stuffed an order I made, then after finally getting them for The Warstore I noticed the kontos lances were missing... sigh! Warlord Games were great getting them out in the mail and the complaint only took about 20 days from email to actual mail arriving. So far, I have basecoated and done some highlights, so still a work in progress, with more highlights and basing to come. I was thinking of converting with greenstuff some horsehair for the helmets so they look more like Parthian or Palmyran, thoughts welcome.
Ancients can be a bit ambiguous so I'm not overly fussed if they aren't an exact representation but that's the theme I'm looking for.
They are based for Impetus but we seem to use 8cm fronts as Craig and Jamie prefer that over the 12cm and I think that that works well overall for the game.

King of Palmyra

So far, so good, making good progress in our Polar Blast! (its snowing and bad weather at the moment here in little old New Zealand)
That's all, constructive feedback on painting colours, weapons etc welcome

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  1. Hi Andy, I'm envious of your new Cats. They are definitely my favourite Ancients unit. Hopefully I get to take them on soon!