Friday, 11 September 2015

New wargaming cupboard

Yay, i scored a free cupboard today.. it has a big chip in the side but hey... its in the garage so who cares!
So here it is with a few of my armies displayed inside, theres pictures shelf by shelf. I know theres much better cabinets out there... you fancy pants guys with your glass doors and nice joinery, but im excited so im postng anyway!
First shelf is Lord of the Rings/hobbit Orc hordes
Second shelf is more Orc hordes, Infinity Ariadna (using modern figures as proxies), a unit or two of Gondor LotR
Third shelf is my Crusade Army
Fourth shelf is my Romans, Eastern Allies, Palmyra Army
Bottom shelf is my meehh... 40k black templars Space Marines and an allied Imperial Rogue trader crew
Fun times, it even has a slider door so i can keep the kids out :)

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