Tuesday, 15 September 2015

War of the Ring, Gondor verses Mordor big battle

Sorry i didnt take any shots of the overall battle.
The forces of the Easterlings came marching and joined ranks of Orcs at the black gate in an open Attack on Ithilien... lucky the brave soldiers of Gondor had spyed their massed troops and brought up a counter offensive from Osgiliath lead by Boromir himself, rallying the local men from the villages of the Anduin they put together quite a force... would Gondor repel Saurons heavy blow?
In short, yes... Jamie wrecked kieran and I on one flank and then went on a rampage with cavalry!
We played on the 12ft by 4ft board I posted a while back, deployed opposite with my weakened Orc horde marching from one side.
It was great fun and Kierans easterling army is gorgeous, he was threatening to bring his mumak but wel save that for the next battle!
Martin lent us his Minas Tirith Army but unfortunately had to pull out on the day, Jamie did well to keep the game moving along by himself.
Thx a heap lads and wel get another one in maybe late Nov early dec perhaps.


  1. Thanks for organising the epic battle, Andy. WOTR is a great system for big battles, it all went smoothly and I had great fun holding the line as Gondor. Those trolls were a bit of an issue though - I only killed 1/6 by the end of the battle as my approach was to slowly bleed you guys and we've made the trolls tough so next time Gondor is going to have to get its heroes stuck in.

  2. Only 5 trolls but they were certainly doing the job. Thx jamie, u and kieran made it a really fun game, look forward to seeing your pix of it as i missed deployment and u always do a great write up :)