Sunday, 13 December 2015

Lotr Hobbit sbg Orc Army 750pts

Most of these i had already painted, and as an sbg army il repaint (highlights) and get them to a slightly higher standard than i would need for my usual wotr Mordor or Dol Guldur army.
Theres 4 warbands;
Bolg (converted orc general) with 12 converted hunter orcs with 2-handed weapons
Orc Shaman (kardush) with 6 Morannons with shields, 6 orcs with spears
Orc Drummer (converted gorbag) with 6 Morannons, 5 orcs with spears and an orc with banner
Troll Chieftain with 2 Orc trackers (metal orc archers), an orc spearman and a black numenorean with a warhorn (converted Army of dead guy)

So what do you think? Is this going to be tournament competitive?
Id love to have any feedback regarding the list :)

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